Saturday, 16 July 2016

Safe Practices in Placenta Encapsulation

Today, I was exposed to some situations that made me question professionalism, health and safety, and education. I live in the Waterloo region, I am formally educated at Conestoga College, where I am a graduate of the Early Childhood Educator Diploma Program. In my final year, we took some serious courses: The ECE Professional, Health Safety & Nutrition, Philosophy in Practice, and Issues in Quality In Early Learning and Care. Why I am sharing this is because I feel that sometimes we mistake experience for awareness, understanding and safe practices.

A Sacred Journey is a doula collective, servicing the families in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge area. We are a group of formally educated women, who understanding things like Air-borne and blood-borne pathogens. We take these possible contaminates quiet seriously. At this present moment we do not have a trained member who is able to do Placenta Encapsulation. We do however, have three highly skilled peers, who we have insured take the safety of our clients and themselves to the highest level of practice.

If Placenta Encapsulation is something you are looking to utilize please, please ask question, find out how the company is going to prepare your placenta for you. If you are wanting more information, please feel free to ask A Sacred Journey on Safe Practices.

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